ATE Tester Templates

Board Technology Innovations, LLC has developed the following ATE tester templates.


Credence: Sapphire Probe Card

Credence: Diamond 10 FT DIB

Credence: Diamond Probe Card

Credence: LT1001 Load Board

LTX: Fusion 1024 16RF DCSM

LTX: Fusion 1024 32RF DSCM

LTX: Fusion 1024 32RF RFSCM

Inovys: Ocelot

Inovys: Personal Ocelot

InTEST: 256 Pin Probe Card

InTEST: 512 Pin Probe Card

InTEST: SO440 Probe Card

Teradyne: J750 1024 DIB

Teradyne: J750 Probe Card

Teradyne: J973 1024 DIB

Teradyne: J971 512 Load Board

Teradyne: J921 512 Load Board

Teseda: V520

Verigy: 93000 512 Load Board

Verigy: 93000 1024 Load Board

Verigy: 83000 512 Load Board

Verigy: 83000 1024 Load Board

Verigy: 82000 Half Size Load Board

Verigy: V5000

Schlumberger: IDS5K, 10K 256 load module and DUT cards – BTI custom layout

Schlumberger: IDS5K, 10K 768 load module and DUT cards – BTI custom layout



Board Technology Innovations, LLC is continuing to develop tester templates.


Do you have a request? Please let us know.


All templates have been developed in Mentor PADS and the schematic templates are in Cadence ORCAD.


The Board Technology Innovations, LLC engineering and layout staff has extensive experience in tester interface products. Let us know how we can assist you with your tester interfacing needs.



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