We understand that prototypes are just that a test of an engineering layout. Rework is sometimes inevitable and necessary to accommodate and test layout changes prior to fabricating new boards and assemblies.


BTI offers high quality rework services on any PCB layout or assembly. The rework includes but is not limited to controlled depth drilling and dead-bug circuit modifications. With our trained engineering staff, we can determine the least obtrusive method of reworking your assemblies.


Specializing in component removal including expensive SMT and BGA devices, we can salvage and recondition long lead items for reuse in the same layout or return them to you for use in future projects. We also offer re-balling of BGA devices.


BTI can also layout and manufacture conversion sub-assemblies to accommodate changes in component footprints or package types, thus saving the original PCB layout without any performance degradation.


Some additional information regarding rework:


BGA and Fine Pitch Re-Work Station.
BGA solder ball repair and reconditioning.
X-Ray station
Solder Mask repair
Broken trace repair
Missing pad repair

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