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Our layout team members are equipped with the latest in Mentor Graphics Corporation® PADS Layout®. Each of our Layout Engineers are IPC Certified Interconnect Designers and are members of the IPC Designers Council.


We specialize in all forms of PCB Layout which include:


Surface Mount, Through-hole, Mixed Technology, BGAs and QFNs.
Multi-Layer, Single-Layer, Double-Sided, Blind and Buried Vias.
Fine line, Curved Traces, Teardrop Pad Generation, Copper Pour and Split / Mixed Planes.
High-Speed, Matched Impedance and Differential Pairs.
Analog, Digital, High Voltage and High Current.
Gate Swap, Pin Swap, Forward and Back ECOs.
Rename Reference Designators and Back Annotate Schematics.
Comprehensive checklists, Layout Guidelines and DRCs.
Schematic Capture and BOM generation.


BTI maintains an extensive library of standard components and has developed a unique
naming convention that is easy to follow and understand. Libraries contain the part
designator, manufacturer data, specific attributes and PCB decal, which makes specific or
custom BOMs easy to generate.


PADS Layout® is a registered trademark of Mentor Graphics, Inc.

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